Practical Information

The therapeutic- or coaching process begins with an intake session of approximately an hour. During this first session we will assess what you personsal growth questions are and establish the goals you would like to achieve during the therapeutic- or coaching process.  In this first session you will also get acquainted with Body Oriented Therapy to see how this appeals to you.

After every five sessions we will take time to evaluate.

Therapeutic Information

During the individual sessions we will be looking at what issues are relevant for you at this moment. What it is that is bothering and/or preoccupying you. We will talk an discuss but also let your body 'speak.' Your body often knows things that your mind does not yet know. Together we will discover the insights that are known to your body and bring this to light.

We will connect the insights that the body has revealed to the established goals, then work on them. There are many ways to work on these issues using Body Oriented Therapy, such as : focusing, Bio-energetica, body reading, Gestalt, Reichiain breathing exercises, visualization and relaxation techniques, massage and character analysis.

If you want more information on my work method, check the Body Orientated Therapy and Massage and consciousness, or feel free to contact me via +972-54-929-8184
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Additional information